Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bonus Shots 80 0723

Sometimes we get lucky.  In school we strived to get better.  Some had more raw talent than others. Even the untalented improved their skills. Critique class was a defining moment, when we looked at each other's work and commented. We joked, but it was true, that some great photos were "happy accidents".

The week of July 23, 1980, was a happy one as I look back. More than one happy accident. Hope you enjoy these bonus shots:

The newspaper had just moved into the old Bank of Soperton building, and the view was great. Only the tall building of Moring's was gray. At left was Howards Department Store. Coleman's Barbecue occupied the corner restaurant building.

Streetside in the rain. Similar location of the top photo. Young men with fatherly Richard Lee "Pane" Baker, operating the oldest gas station in town.

Out in the river bend country was the biggest fig tree I ever saw, at Esther Cone's.

William A. Ricks 
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