Saturday, August 28, 2010

YOU ARE THERE - August 27, 1980

Herman Talmadge defeated Zell Miller for U. S. Senate. Charlene Peterson defeated Gerald Hooks for BOE.

Tarrytown water was radioactive.

Chad and Mylinda Kight rode in quarter horse competition.

Windsor offered a selection of jokes.

Ricks wrote about soft drinks, including the Un-Cola.

From 1930: Vocational-Agriculture was instituted at Soperton High School with a visit by Dr. O. C. Aderhold. The first Vo-Ag supervisor was Rufus D. Pulliam.

SPC employees enjoyed a Saturday at Holiday Beach. I did movies, but I've been forbidden to ever show them. Before camcorders.

Native son Jim Holland became a vice president with NBC television.

Bobby Cammack showed the Sportsman's Club how to save money by reloading rifle shells.

It wasn't too late for rattlesnakes. Bill Sweat killed one at Smutt, Ga.

William A. Ricks 
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