Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Friendly Face Gets Me Every Time

I check everyday on the latest news of the move to compensate Vietnam Veterans for their ischemic heart disease related to Agent Orange.

Usually I find the same old tired news releases, but when I opened the site to Lisa Nelson's blog I  stopped short to admire the friendly face and turned to her purpose, which is helping people with heart problems to adjust their diets and lifestyles. I thought of my friend Buddy Byrd with his recent heart attack and the adjustments he is facing.

I started my adjusting over 15 years ago after a heart attack. People eat too much salt, sugar, fats, and calories. Moderate exercise helps to keep the good cholesterol at a proper level.

At first glance,  Mrs. Nelson's services look helpful. Most of them are free, but she offers some books at reasonable prices.

This is her blog post about the Agent Orange thingy:

This link should take you to her home page:

The Agent Orange article by Tom Philpott seems to be the most comprehensive and most repeated:


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