Thursday, August 19, 2010

Drumroll: My 700th blog post

An average of a post every-other day since I started in late 2006.

YOU ARE THERE - August 21, 1985

R. W. Curtis was replaced by Joe Moore as TES Principal. What a let down!

$63,000 was the estimated cost to remove the asbestos from the school buildings. Twenty-five years later, and some people still haven't heard the news.

Windsor wrote about the 50th anniversary of Social Security. One of the chief architects of the program, Marion Folsom was from Windsor's hometown of McRae.

Ricks rehashed a 1975 column about Red Ricks and his grocery store.

The Downtown Development Authority assisted Charles Johnson in the construction of a car wash on West Louisiana Avenue, across from the State Farm Insurance office.

WMAZ's Frank Malloy spoke to the Lions Club at the invitation of John Koon.

Georgia Bulldog plastic cups were on sale, with a purchase of a 32-ounce Coke at the Soperton Tastee Freez. Anybody got one of those now? Could be worth something.

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