Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Agent Orange War

What is one veteran worth? 
Too much to afford?

"Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., a Vietnam veteran, chairman of the Senate armed services subcommittee on personnel and a member of the Senate veterans’ affairs committee, has questioned whether it is possible to know if Vietnam veterans with this form of heart disease have an Agent Orange-related condition or have other risk factors." - Army Times & Marine Corps Times Rick Maze

“There will be articles out there written by writers -- we’re working with a writer right now who’s very negative about this -- very negative about the fact it’s going to cost so much money,” Walcoff told attendees at the American Legion National Convention. “Very negative about the fact that anybody who was in country in Vietnam qualifies for this. That’s the kind of thinking that’s out there." - The Washington Post Ed O'Keefe

"The convergence of cost pressures now is striking as captured by events on Tuesday this week.
"That morning, the VA expects the Federal Register to publish the new Agent Orange rules to implement the latest expansion of benefits, including heart disease coverage. And that evening, President Barack Obama will speak to the nation on the U.S. transition between Iraq and Afghanistan, two fresh post-Vietnam wars with their own legacies of new disability claims." - POLITICO David Rogers

Dr. Victoria Anne Cassano, director of radiation and physical exposures at the Veterans Health Administration, part of the VA, pointed to the wording of the 1991 federal law on Agent Orange that said officials should find a positive link to diseases "if the credible evidence for the association is equal to or outweighs the credible evidence against the association." - Yahoo!NEWS Mike Baker

'Speaking at the organization’s 92nd National Convention in Milwaukee, Michael Walcoff said the new regulations – which simplify for veterans the process of qualifying for disability payments from VA – still will take awhile to go into effect.' - Enhanced Online News
"- If a to-be-named, new head of the VBA is a hard-core veteran’s advocate, it will go a long way toward proving that  President Obama and VA Sec Shinseki are serious about reversing the culture of the VA and VBA that has driven veterans to madness in the worst case, and endless frustration in the normal course of bureaucratic works -" - Veterans Today Michael A. Leon

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