Thursday, October 28, 2010

1975 Cross Country Track

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October 29, 1975

I can't recall ever making any pictures of Cross Country competition for Treutlen except for these.  Maybe some of the former student athletes can help me here, but did we have Cross Country as regular events?  Our competition that day was Cochran.  Cross Country running was quite popular at RIT, as more people turned out on Saturday morning to watch the running than turned out later in the afternoon for the football game. I know that has to be hard to believe by people who've never traveled outside the southeast.

Others that week: The school bus accident, small rattlesnake lying on the curb on Main Street in front of J. C. Stephens' used furniture store, Jack & Jim Ellington, midget football, corn milling festival exhibitor, the Neil Gillis House, football, Wheeler homecoming, trick or treat proclamation, Doris Nevels, TPS program, 4-H history of fashions exhibit for the festival.

William A. Ricks 
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