Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1980 Fifties Halftime Show

80 0924 07
September 24, 1980

Remember this? I do. Good ol' days. Pretty fair light dispersion for a deep view. Pat - pat on my back.  Recognize anybody?

Others that week: Black Creek Hunting Preserve at Blackville, Jerry Phillips with rattlesnake, lots of football(Vikings 26 - Wheeler 0), band, cheerleaders, Daryl Holton's palm fruit (tree used to be at his home on Carter Hill just off West Main Street), pool and game room, Glisson's class perfect attendance, Jimmy Scott and Ray Peebles with another rattler, Police Dispatcher Tommy Foskey, Sue Hutcheson, Steve Vanlandingham, Robbie Hardy, Barbre Fowler, Clayton Stephens at Lothair Homecoming presenting photos to Rev. Burch Beckum of 1950's photo of the church and portrait of Laura Ann McCrimmon Miller.

William A. Ricks 
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