Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Accident

I scanned old color slides all afternoon last Monday. It was worth it to revisit a photo I hadn't looked at in almost 40 years. January 1968: On the way from the Army Pictorial Center to the Nevada Test Site, we flew right over Hoover Dam on the approach to Las Vegas airport. One of my happiest photo accidents ever.

I'm gratified by the reactions of my Facebook Friends:

JJ: awesome pic Mr. Bill!

SCR: WOW!!!!!

JG: Fantastic!

MSW: What an amazing photograph.

JEJJr:That is COOL!

MV: That is so beautiful, Amazing Bill.

PHS: An awesome wonder created by God Himself!! He allowed you to be his instrument and show this magnificent phenomenon!!

GP: What a great shot! It reminds me that our Lord has a better perspective and invites us to come to His point of view!

DMP: Mr. Bill....I too had that view a few years back but unlike you I did not snap a picture of it...... :0

TBB: In 1985 we were traveling across the Hoover Dam and they were working on it and we had to stop for a long time. It gave us an opportunity to really explore it. It is really magnificent!

BH: What a shot....should be in photo magazines. The Hoover Dam is a magnificent structure....just like this picture.

RHO: Love this!!!!!

William A. Ricks 
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