Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1975 Football Night and Day

75 0924 01
September 24, 1975

We attended every varsity football game on Friday nights, many other elementary games on Saturday afternoons, plus a few seasons of Junior Varsity on Saturday nights when the regular varsity were putting out less stellar performances.  This one was in our stadium. Myron Wrenn brought his team over from South Carolina, and we were poor hosts, as our Midgets trounced the visiting team.

Others that week: Harley McLendon anniversary, SPC at Lake Helen, Midget coaches and cheerleaders, Beta Club initiation.

William A. Ricks
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1 comment:

Bob said...

Don't quite remember that one Mr.Bill wish I did though.1975 made me 7yrs old that year.I started when I was 8 with coach Wayne Sumner,one of the best,.Played every year from there on till I graduated in 1986.Coach Sumner,Coach Brooks,two men that helped groom many a young man into something!!!