Sunday, October 3, 2010

Principi Speaks of Faith and Integrity. Hah!

I took a closer look of the Tom Philpott article which quotes in part:

"Anthony Principi, former secretary of veterans affairs, warned last week that disabled veterans and their families will suffer if Americans "lose faith in the integrity" of VA disability compensation system.
"And the surest way for that to happen," he told the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, "is for the American people to believe that large numbers of veterans are being compensated for illnesses that may not be the result of their military service. That's the crux of the issue we're all grappling with."
I think that most of the people stand by our military personnel and veterans. The strong support by our Senators represents the feeling of the average citizen. Similarly,  Americans are more likely to lose faith in leaders like Former VA Secretary Principi.  I give him credit for his service as a decorated veteran, BUT, look at a couple of his financial foibles, taking advantage of the VA he once served:

By Walter F. Roche Jr., L. A. Times Staff Writer, April 23, 2006
A Diamond Bar company headed by former Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony J. Principi could get fees exceeding $1 billion from the VA, much of it on contracts approved and amended while he ran the agency, records show.
Principi was president of the medical services company QTC Management Inc. before he joined President Bush's Cabinet in 2001. He ran the VA for four years, then returned to the firm as chairman of the board.
March 29, 2008|Walter F. Roche Jr. | L. A. Times Staff Writer
The California company headed by former Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony J. Principi overcharged the agency some $6 million under a long-term contract to conduct physical evaluations on veterans applying for disability benefits, an audit has found.
The report, released Thursday, also questioned a proposal by the Department of Veterans Affairs to amend the contract with the company -- QTC Management Inc., based in Diamond Bar -- to charge higher rates than currently authorized.
No wonder my disability application lingered in a file cabinet during the years Principi ran the VA! I haven't forgotten the farce medical exam done by QTC at Building 25 on Peachtree Street.  When I needed help, Principi's VA offered harm instead. - Bill
William A. Ricks 
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