Thursday, October 14, 2010

YOU ARE THERE - October 16, 1985

Hayes Lawton and Pete Phillips were Citizens of the Year.

The Festival was publicized on TV: Eloise Phillips on WMAZ Midday,  Eloise Phillips and Dr. C. K. Little on WMAZ  Doris Martin Show, Jimmie Sue Mullen on WJBF.

Harold Wimber and trusty dog "Black Gal" brought a dead timber rattler to town to have it's picture made.

Looking Back, Oct. 18, 1935: Jim Peterson completed a modern brick cotton warehouse, 40x90 feet, next to Soperton Ice  Plant.  About a decade later the building became "the shirt factory," Soperton Manufacturing Company, operated by Will Peterson, who moved his family from Ailey.  In 2010 the building is home of "Break and Run".

The FHA Chapter bought new curtains for the THS cafeteria.

Industry Appreciation Awards were presented to Bob Sanford - Roydon Wear, Will Peterson - Soperton Manufacturing Company, and Dwight Leroy - NSI, Inc.

Montgomery defeated THS, 42-0, in Mount Vernon.

Chitterlings, Frog Legs, and Spaghetti were on the menu at Sumner's Beach Restaurant.

Tim Grinstead was FFA member of the Month.

Fifth grade 4-H'ers toured the Crowe Horse Farm.

Borden's milk was $1.89/gal. at J. W.'s.

William A. Ricks 
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