Thursday, October 14, 2010

Harmony Church

Treutlen County trainees had no problem remembering the names of the training areas at Fort Benning, Georgia, as we had heard them all our lives.

Harmony Church and Sand Hill.

Here's a shot of the Super Trooper on Graduation Day after eight weeks of Basic Training. Other Fort Benning photos on the slide show this week.

I had four or five days off at home after Basic Training.  My Grandmother Burns died that week and I was home for the funeral.  My brother Morris returned home to Florida and dropped me off at the Jacksonville airport.  I flew into Newark and took an airport shuttle bus to the only New York City site that seemed reasonable to start - Grand Central Station, the Port Authority.

Before I could get to the door an old man in his fifties in a pick-up truck hollered at me, "Soldier, where are you going?"  I told him that I had no idea, but I thought I could find it from here.  "Army Pictorial Center, that's the old Paramount Studio in Astoria.  Get in and I'll take you there."

Several minutes of ride and conversation later, he dropped me off at the entrance of the main studio, where many movies were made before the industry moved to Hollywood.  It had the largest sound studio  on the east coast.

I will never forget Willie Mosconi, who cared for a man in uniform, lost in New York.  God does intervene in His world, sometimes individually and personally.

William A. Ricks 
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