Friday, October 22, 2010

1985 Tri-Hi-Y Girls on Festival Billboard

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October 23, 1985

Many means of advertising and promotion were used during the "glory days" of the Million Pines Festival; that's why the crowds came.  We asked that a picture of crowds of people be illustrated on the billboard, but the sign company had given such a good price that it was impossible.  So we added our own crowd: the lovely ladies of the Treutlen Tri-Hi-Y, who did a lot of good work for the festival that year.  Please help identify the ladies.

Others that week: Pie in the Face: Coach Mendensky and Principal Kenny Foxx, football, Homecoming - the queens were Cathy Brinson and Cheryl Phillips, Midget football, John Brewton and Judge West, Boosters Spaghetti Supper, Scouts tearing down old building, Caroline Driggers with time change clock, wedding anniversary, C. G. Foskey's taters.

William A. Ricks 
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